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Just Zap It in the Microwave

How many times do you say that when your preparing something to eat? Can you remember the last time you were in a kitchen that did not contain a microwave oven? Your place of business or office most likely has an area containing at least one microwave oven. Do you think you could live without the convenience of a microwave oven? When I pose that question, most people answer with a resounding, “Absolutely, I hardly ever use it. I use it mostly just to reheat leftovers.” If that is the case with you, I challenge you to not use your microwave for one month. I mean nothing, not even water…no cheating!

During my studies to become a Nutritional Consultant, we were given a lesson on microwave ovens containing some very unappealing information. I expanded my research beyond my textbooks to confirm the stated facts I was given to read.  The following portion of this article is to enlighten you a bit on the microwave oven. This is not any of my own scientific research but rather, from published research I have read – scientifically researched and written by very reputable scientists and journalists.

Another response I often get when challenging the use of microwave ovens is, “They tell us they are perfectly safe.” My question is who is/are ‘they’? ‘They’ (whoever ‘they’ are) sure get a lot of credit for bestowing wisdom on us. Even if only 20% of what I read were to be accurate, I would still have walked my microwave oven out to the curb. But, I will let you make the decision for yourself after I share some of the information I have read.

By the way, have you ever wondered who invented the microwave?

The Nazi’s, for use in their mobile support operations, originally developed microwave “radiomission” cooking ovens to be used during the invasion of Russia. By being able to utilize electronic equipment for preparation of meals on a mass scale, the logistical problem of cooking fuels would have been eliminated, as well as the convenience of producing edible products in a greatly reduced time factor. After the war, the allies discovered medical research done by the Germans on microwave ovens. These documents, along with some working microwave ovens, were transferred to the U.S. War Department, classified for reference and “further scientific investigation”. The Russians also retrieved some microwave ovens and now have thorough research on their biological effects. As a result, use was outlawed in the Soviet Union (the ban is no longer enforced).The Soviets issued an international warning on the health hazards, both biological and environmental, of microwave ovens and similar frequency electronic devices.

Other Eastern European scientists also reported the harmful effects of microwave radiation and set up strict environmental limits for usage. The U.S. has not accepted the Europeans reports of harmful effects, even though the EPA estimates that radio frequency and microwave radiation sources in America are increasing at 15% a year.

A now retired Hans Hertel worked as a food scientist for several years. He was once fired from his job with a major Swiss food company for questioning procedures in the processing of food, because they denatured it. Hertel stated, “I am striving to bring man and techniques back into harmony with nature”.  Hans Hertel was the first scientist to conceive of and carry out a quality clinical study on the effects microwaved nutrients have on blood and physiology of the human body. This small, but well controlled study was able to show the degenerative force produced in microwave ovens and foods produced in them.

Hertel was one of eight participants in the study. The participants varied in ages between twenty and thirty; Hertel being oldest- 64 at the time. All participants were on a strict macrobiotic diet from the Macrobiotic Institute of Kientel Switzerland. To further keep the study controlled, all were housed in the same hotel environment for eight weeks. Other restrictions were put on the volunteers such as, no smoking, no alcohol and no sex. Adhering to the diet and other restrictions would be vital in order to detect subtle changes in their blood that otherwise could be missed if junk food, pollution, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, alcohol, etc. were present.

Hertel used raw milk and vegetables cooked three different ways for the experiment:

All the same raw milk:

  • Conventionally cooked
  • Pasteurized
  • Cooked in microwave oven

All the same raw organic vegetables:

  • Conventionally cooked
  • Frozen then defrosted in microwave oven
  • Cooked in microwave oven

Then, Blood samples were taken at defined intervals after eating from above numbered milk or vegetable preparations. Significant changes were discovered in the blood of the volunteers who consumed foods cooked in the microwave oven. These changes included a decrease in the hemoglobin values and unfavorable cholesterol values; especially HDL (good cholesterol) to LDL (bad cholesterol) values and ratios.

Lymphocytes (white blood cells) showed a more distinct short term decrease following the intake of microwaved food than after the intake of all the other variants. Each of these indicators point in a direction away from robust health and toward degeneration[1].

The following is taken from an article titled, “Microwaved Food Isn’t Safe to Eat”- By Larry Cook:

Microwave ovens “cook” food by forcing the atoms, molecules and cell within the food to reverse polarity billions of times per second, causing friction—the more the friction, the more the heat. This oscillation tears and deforms the molecular structure of food. New compounds are formed, called radiolytic compounds, which are not found in nature.

Interestingly, microwaves are actually used in gene-altering technology to deliberately break cells and neutralize there “life-force” so they cam be manipulated. Microwaves destroy the life-force that gives food its vitality and nourishment. When this life-force dissipates, microorganisms start breaking down and it begins to rot.

Kinesiologist, David Bridgeman, said, “Of all the people I test for allergies, 99.9% so far show severe sensitivity to any microwaved food.”

Dr Lita Lee of Hawaii reported in December 9, 1989 Lancet:

Microwaving baby formulas converted certain trans- amino acids into their synthetic cis-isomers. Synthetic isomers, whether cis-amino acids or trans-fatty acids are not biologically active. Further, one of the amino acids, L-proline, was converted to its d-isomer, which is known to be neurotoxic (poisonous to the nervous system) and nephrotoxic (poisonous to the kidneys). It’s bad enough that many babies are not nursed, but now they are given fake milk (baby formula) made even more toxic via microwaving.

Microwaved Blood Kills Patient

In 1991, there was a lawsuit in Oklahoma concerning the hospital use of a microwave oven to warm blood needed for a transfusion. The case involved a hip surgery patient, Norma Levitt, who died from a simple blood transfusion. Blood for transfusions is routinely warmed, but not in microwave ovens. In the case of Mrs. Levitt, the microwaving altered the blood and killed her. This tragedy makes it very apparent that there’s much more to “heating” with microwaves than we’ve been led to believe.

A concluding word from Hans Hertel, “There is extensive scientific literature concerning the hazardous effects of direct microwave radiation on living systems. It is astonishing therefore, to realize how little effort has been made to replace microwaves with technology more in accordance with nature.”

I assure you there is far more information than can be contained in this one article. If you would like to delve deeper into the research done on the effects of microwaves, I encourage you to search online. Also, there is a book by Bob O. Becker, titled: “The Body Electric” that is quite enlightening.

Well…I guess its time to get acquainted with your pots and pans again! And a little side note….. I believe microwave ovens may be a contributor to the nation’s obesity issues…think about that. More on that topic later!


[1] “The Proven Dangers of Microwaves” –Dr. Joseph Mercola

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