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We provide a variety of add-on services that can help you reach specific health goals. Speak to a VeraVia advisor if you are interested in our additional package options.

The Ultimate Program for Life-Transforming Results

Achieve life-changing results at our award-winning integrative wellness retreat. The “Comprehensive Stay” is our most popular program and treats all aspects of your health in a holistic and integrative approach. Experience our truly all-inclusive program to lose weight, reverse health challenges, manage stress, and improve your diet. Your whole program is overseen by our Naturopathic Doctor with a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced clinicians working together as your own personal wellness team.

You’ll get a complete picture of all aspects of your current health and understand how our Four Pillars of Wellness (Fitness, Nutrition, Medical, and Behavioral) are interrelated. Our wellness team will identify the root causes of your health challenges and develop a comprehensive long-term plan for when you go home.

“I feel very good and energized. I am healthy again.”

My new healthy life is because of VeraVia. It was hard work but it paid off. I am proud. I am kinder to my body than before. I understand my relationships better. I feel very good and energized! No pain; I sleep well. I am healthy again and I get lots of comments from the gym and friends about how proud they are and that inspries me a lot!



Recovery Add On

Daily availability to self guided recovery, supervised by general staff and twice per week availability to hands-on recovery with a health expert. Includes access to the following recovery equipment:

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Sleep Program

If you have struggled with insomnia, sleep apnea, difficulty falling asleep, low energy, or anything else of the kind, this program may be exactly what you need. Here’s what’s included:

Coming Soon

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a small, non-invasive device that attaches to your abdomen and measures and records your glucose in real-time. CGM has been a game-changer for many people with diabetes, especially those who require regular use of insulin. Furthermore, we have found it helpful for many people to bring clarity on how to eat more congruent with their health goals. The results can be life-changing. If you love to learn about yourself and want to feel more empowered to optimize your metabolic health, then this program is for you.

“I feel like a new person after my four day stay at VeraVia! I feel more confident in my ability to manage my stress.”

“I feel like a new person after my four day stay at VeraVia! I have more energy, I feel fit and healthy, and my stomach feels better than it has in years. I feel more confident in my ability to manage my stress and through the individual consultations I learned how to buy and prepare healthy meals in a short amount of time. My stay at VeraVia greatly exceeded all my expectations and was just the type of reboot I needed to get my motivation back and enjoy life again!

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Arlene Sandoval

Assistant Guest Experience Coordinator

Arlene Sandoval is a San Diego native with over fifteen years of professional
experience working alongside C-level executives in major corporations in the San Diego
area. Arlene was mentored and trained by top-level executives at two major Fortune
500 companies. She was offered an executive-level position when she was twenty-five,
making her the youngest person offered the International Executive Communications
Position. By twenty-eight, Arlene felt pulled toward the non-profit sector and became
Chief Operation Officer of an International non-profit with a focus on social justice
reform and media; helping to build communities of hope in war-torn countries. Arlene
helped restructure, create, and manage a multi-million dollar budget. She created new
policies and procedures to help the corporation comply with California 501(c)3 non-profit
laws and regulations. During this time she gained invaluable knowledge in the private
and public sectors.