Our Approach: A Different Kind of Health Retreat

Our programming is as unique as you. Everything you experience at VeraVia is customized to your needs and takes into account the whole person. Through a comprehensive assessment process, our team of wellness experts tailors every aspect of your journey, ensuring that each step aligns with your individual goals and embraces your unique preferences for a truly transformative experience.

Our Philosophy

At VeraVia, our mission is to empower our guests to regain control over their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Naturally, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to this. That’s why our programs are designed with a wraparound approach to wellness and offer exceptional individual attention.


Whether your goal is to learn how to overcome stressors or reverse specific health conditions, our program can be completely customized to achieve specific goals.


Creating lasting change in our lives requires a whole-person approach. We focus on achieving your goals by examining all aspects of wellness.

Long-Term Change

We aim to maximize your results during your stay and empower you with the knowledge and a personalized plan to get continued results after you return home.

Meet Our Wellness Retreat Team

Behind every success story is our multidisciplinary team of health experts who guide our guests towards a lifetime of wellness.

We believe that the perfect setting not only elevates your experience but also profoundly influences your success at VeraVia. Our private location, nestled within the serene embrace of nature, offers an idyllic retreat for your journey. Set amidst picturesque hiking trails and majestic mountains, our sanctuary awaits you at VeraVia.

The VeraVia Four Pillars of Health

Every wellness retreat at VeraVia integrates these four pillars for a well-rounded and lasting transformation.


Achieving fitness looks different for each person who comes to VeraVia, which is why we create a comprehensive, safe, and evidence-based fitness plan for everyone we work with.


We place special emphasis on discovering and addressing the root cause of our guests’ underlying medical concerns. Our healthcare team uses both functional and naturopathic medicine to transform your overall wellness.


At VeraVia, you’ll work with our holistic nutritionist to establish a healthy eating plan that fits your personal needs. While you are here, you’ll enjoy organic, farm-to-table meals to provide your body with high quality, nutrient dense foods.


We incorporate the latest psychological and behavioral techniques to help our guests create long-term sustainable behavioral changes. Positive change begins within.

What is Your Path to Wellness?

Our guests arrive at VeraVia seeking answers for a variety of wellness challenges. Below are some of the most common that we can help you achieve.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Healthy weight management goes far beyond simply "dieting", as many of our guests have found. We can help you determine the underlying causes of your weight struggles and tackle them holistically and sustainably.

Sustaining a High-Intensity Career

We meet a lot of high performers who are suffering from the burnout effects of a stressful career. We can help you refocus on health and build a life that is balanced and sustainable. Your body and mind will thank you.

Getting a Fresh Start

As a guest at VeraVia, you can expect to leave feeling like a new person. Our beautiful resort is a sanctuary for those who need refreshment and renewal. You will walk away with renewed confidence, peace, and a zest for life.

Managing Health Issues and Chronic Pain

The life-changing effects of VeraVia's programs are most tangibly seen with our guests who experience ongoing health issues and pain. We have helped many come off medications, get their mobility back, and revolutionize their health when they believed there was no hope for change.

Our Mission

Our fitness resort goal is simple: to provide you with the maximum results possible during your stay and empower you with the knowledge and a personalized plan to get continued results after you return home.

Testimonies of Lasting Transformation

We’re proud of the work we do, and so are our guests. Here is a small sample of the many wellness stories that we’ve heard from our guests.

Mary Lou
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“My new healthy life is because of VeraVia.”

It was hard work but it paid off… I am proud… I am kinder to my body than before. I understand my relationships better. I feel very good and energized! No pain, sleep well. I am healthy again and I get lots of comments from the gym and friends about how proud they are and that inspires me a lot!

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“VeraVia exceeded my expectations!”

I had a transformation that has changed my life. When they talk about the components they deliver, it really is a complete package, and something I can take with me in my daily life. I think about them in my daily life like I think of my family and friends. I know they want the best for me and there’s nothing better than that!

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“VeraVia was truly a life changing experience for me!”

I learned more in the two weeks I was there than I had reading and listening to all the diet and health information out there for years prior. The key for me was how personal the program is designed to be and how dedicated each and every staff member was to instilling confidence in me. I had so much love and support from the very first day. I would go back in a heartbeat!


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Arlene Sandoval

Assistant Guest Experience Coordinator

Arlene Sandoval is a San Diego native with over fifteen years of professional
experience working alongside C-level executives in major corporations in the San Diego
area. Arlene was mentored and trained by top-level executives at two major Fortune
500 companies. She was offered an executive-level position when she was twenty-five,
making her the youngest person offered the International Executive Communications
Position. By twenty-eight, Arlene felt pulled toward the non-profit sector and became
Chief Operation Officer of an International non-profit with a focus on social justice
reform and media; helping to build communities of hope in war-torn countries. Arlene
helped restructure, create, and manage a multi-million dollar budget. She created new
policies and procedures to help the corporation comply with California 501(c)3 non-profit
laws and regulations. During this time she gained invaluable knowledge in the private
and public sectors.