Health Retreats in California

Address the root cause of your underlying medical concerns and transform your overall wellness with our personalized health plans. 

Reversing Medical Challenges

Our retreat guests often arrive at VeraVia with underlying health challenges such as heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and more. We place special emphasis on looking inside each guest to discover and address the root cause of any underlying health concerns. Our fundamental belief is that real positive change begins from within. 

Initial medical tests at our medical spa shape our entire recommended fitness and nutrition plan. We investigate your health concerns, make diagnoses, and recommend effective, holistic treatments to address your overall health needs and goals. Our doctors will even collaborate with your primary doctor back home.

Through our four pillar multi-disciplinary approach combining fitness, medical, nutrition, and behavioral health, our integrative and holistic program can help you take control over your medical challenges that may be impacting your ability to achieve the lasting results you desire.

True Transformation

Our guests have seen remarkable health results, including:

Rebecca started the program dependent on 55 units of insulin daily and in poor health. Ending the program, Rebecca was successfully weaned off her insulin through care coordination with VeraVia and her primary doctor, officially no longer insulin dependent after just three and a half weeks.

“The compassion and knowledge of the VeraVia team was so encouraging during my stay. They created a personalized plan that accomplished goals I never thought possible, including ending my years of insulin dependency. Most importantly, I felt listened to and left VeraVia with the physical and mental strength to continue lifelong wellness.”

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Arlene Sandoval

Assistant Guest Experience Coordinator

Arlene Sandoval is a San Diego native with over fifteen years of professional
experience working alongside C-level executives in major corporations in the San Diego
area. Arlene was mentored and trained by top-level executives at two major Fortune
500 companies. She was offered an executive-level position when she was twenty-five,
making her the youngest person offered the International Executive Communications
Position. By twenty-eight, Arlene felt pulled toward the non-profit sector and became
Chief Operation Officer of an International non-profit with a focus on social justice
reform and media; helping to build communities of hope in war-torn countries. Arlene
helped restructure, create, and manage a multi-million dollar budget. She created new
policies and procedures to help the corporation comply with California 501(c)3 non-profit
laws and regulations. During this time she gained invaluable knowledge in the private
and public sectors.