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Family Fitness Retreats for Weight Loss: What You Should Know

Fitness is a family affair. Changing your exercise habits, updating your diet and trying new exercise activities can have a big impact on everyone in your family. The support–or sometimes lack thereof–you receive from family members can make or break your own commitment to a healthier lifestyle. The more supportive your family, the greater shot you’ll have at putting lasting changes in place.

A surefire way to kick-start your family’s fitness track is to book a family-friendly retreat that focuses on healthy weight loss. But not every retreat is the ideal setting or structure for your family. Here are some important tips to help you choose the right family weight loss retreat that everyone will enjoy.

First, determine if your weight loss retreat is geared toward families.

Some weight loss retreats have a lower age limit that allows teens or pre-teens to participate, but that doesn’t mean that they are structured specifically for families. Make sure that the retreat you’re considering has lots of diverse activities that will keep your kids interested. Review the retreat’s daily schedules to make sure there is plenty of time for you to participate in sports, recreation and educational tasks as a family.

Seek out a supportive environment.

Your goal is to leave a positive impression on your children about the merits and enjoyment of a healthy lifestyle. Find a retreat that uses encouragement and fosters a positive experience for guests. Avoid extreme scenarios such as boot camps or quick-weight-loss retreats that rely on negativity or shame as an incentive to get healthy.

Look for a retreat that sets healthy weight loss goals.

A fitness retreat is a place to inspire your family to adopt a healthy lifestyle–it’s not an opportunity to try to shed pounds as quickly as possible. The fitness experts at your retreat should evaluate your personal goals and develop a personalized plan that puts you on solid footing to maintain achievable goals, even after you leave.

Your retreat should look at weight loss holistically.

When selecting a retreat for your family, look closely at their weight loss philosophy. Do they understand that weight loss is part of a bigger picture of health? Or are they just trying to win your business by promising for quick results? Does the retreat address the underlying causes of weight gain? Getting a clearer sense of why weight is an issue in your family can provide a solid foundation for implementing change. Understanding how physical, mental and emotional wellness work together can help your family lose weight and keep it off.

Education should be an important component of your retreat.

The sooner you can teach your kids about the merits of healthy eating and how physical movement and mental wellbeing support overall health, the faster they’ll get onboard with diet and lifestyle changes. A quality family weight loss retreat should teach you about food sourcing and meal preparation, as well as give you a greater understanding of how the mind and body work together to support your health.

Look for lots of activities.

Remember, kids like to have fun. You should, too. Don’t be shy about moving out of your own physical fitness comfort zone. You might discover a new talent or an affinity for a sport you’ve never played. Your family fitness retreat should offer lots of opportunities to engage in many sports and activities, including low-impact fitness like yoga or Pilates. This will expose every member of your family to innovative ways to get in shape–all while building lasting memories together.

When you suggest a fitness retreat to your family, you might face some initial resistance. But if you choose an engaging retreat that’s geared for everyone, enjoyment will quickly replace pushback. Whether it’s a one-time thing or an annual family event, family fitness retreats can create an unforgettable bonding experience while your family changes track toward a sustainable healthy future.

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