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3 Things to Do to Find a Luxury Health Spa

Everyone needs a spa visit to clear their mind and recuperate their energy before burning out, but you might not know where to go for the best. Keep reading to learn our exclusive tips to find the perfect luxury health spa near you.

While there’s lots of spas and health retreats that advertise great wellness treatments, it’s important to do your research and evaluate before making a reservation.  Any treatment from getting your nails done to having Botox has to be done professionally and you need to know what to expect. Let’s find out more about how to find a great luxury health spa!


1. Pay Attention to Sanitation Rules

Sanitation is extremely important for spas, especially regarding their facility, equipment used and the handwashing of employees. In exfoliation treatments, dead skin cells are shed and must be cleaned up. Lots of equipment used comes in contact with your skin and body, such as the hot stones used in a massage or the nails tools used for a manicure. As we are a luxury health spa, VeraVia ensures that all products, tools and equipment used are sanitized and thoroughly cleaned before and after each guest.

Our high standards of cleanliness includes hand-washing as well. Each of our wellness team members is required to wash their hands before and after each guest and use gloves when necessary. This is part of our commitment to helping each guest reach their full potential and optimal health during their stay at VeraVia.

By only allowing a maximum of ten guests at a time, our wellness retreat is able maintain this high standard of cleanliness. With smaller groups of guests, we have ample time to clean everything from the treatment rooms and equipment.

But you don’t have to take just our word for it – Listen to our past guests! Read the reviews on our website from past guests who share their experience, how clean our health spa is, from the dining room and pool to the treatment rooms, and VeraVia’s immersive program transformed their life.  Read the reviews by visiting:

If you have additional questions about the hygiene measures at our luxury health spa, we would be more than happy to answer your questions.

When it comes to COVID-19, VeraVia is committed to keeping our guests safe and healthy.  As our all-inclusive wellness retreat is located in sunny Carlsbad, California, we take advantage of using our outdoor spaces whenever possible, including workouts at the beach, yoga on the courtyard lawn, and dining on the patio table.  This allows for better ventilation and fresh air for those concerned about COVID-19. Furthermore, each guest at our health retreat enjoys a private, one bedroom at a luxury, 5-Star hotel during their stay. Providing each guest with their own room helps protect the immunity and health of each guest.


2. Look at the Treatments Offered

Once you’ve determined that a health spa iis properly maintained, you can start looking at their offered treatments to see if they have the proper luxury health spa experience you want. VeraVia’s luxury spa offers facials, massages, eye masks and more!

It’s important to make sure that each treatment is appropriate for your skin type and body, especially in regards to sensitivities and allergies. Fortunately, at VeraVia, you can communicate with a specialist to see which products, treatments or services they recommend for your health concerns. For example, if you have dry skin, one of our estheticians can recommend a hydrating facial to moisturize your skin.

VeraVia customizes the experience for each guest, ensuring the best care and results. There may be wellness treatments that you could benefit from that you may not have even thought of yourself! One of our doctors provides low-level laser therapy to reduce chronic pain and inflammation.  If you have a wellness goal or health challenge, we encourage you to share that with us so we can tailor your experience to be successful.

Our services extend beyond spa treatments! Enjoy relaxing in the steam room and hot tub, participate in our workout classes, achieve a zen state of mind through guided meditation, or attend one of our award-winning group wellness sessions to achieve your optimal health. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, stop feeling burnt out from work, or simply need to reset your health, VeraVia is here to help. One behavioral health specialist even offers hypnosis to manage trauma and anxiety!


3. Ask For Licenses

While not all spas and health retreats have licenses, VeraVia does because we hold our staff to the highest standard. VeraVia’s staff is comprised of a team of highly qualified experts, ensuring that your luxury spa experience is the best. Our entire team is highly trained in their field, has extensive experience and is licensed, providing each one of our guests with top-tier service. Each expert specializes in their field (whether it’s personal training, behavioral health, functional medicine or mindfulness) and work together to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to your wellness. Your health is very important, which is why it is crucial to choose a health retreat with knowledgeable, trained experts.

Now that you know how to find the best spa for your needs, call VeraVia today at 1.855.770.1285 to check out what we can offer you with our wellness retreat options!

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