The VeraVia Integrated Holistic Approach

VeraVia is a different kind of health retreat

Our fitness resort goal is simple: to provide you with the maximum results possible during your stay and empower you with the knowledge and a personalized plan to get continued results after you return home. To achieve this, our team of experts has integrated a series of components carefully selected based on scientific research and proven techniques.

Unlike other fitness retreats that focus on only one or two components of health and have large, cookie-cutter classes where you can get lost in the crowd, our guests say they love our comprehensive holistic approach that treats the whole person and our boutique size that provides them the individual attention they need to be able to get the best results for their unique goals.

Our immersive wellness program will help you achieve your wellness goals such as overcoming stressors, discovering healthy foods to eat for weight loss, building a personalized fitness plan that’s fun and effective, mastering mental and emotional health, reversing and preventing specific health conditions, and creating lifelong health.

We designed our wellness retreat to ensure guests achieve maximum benefit during their stay and create lasting behavior changes to sustain their results and achieve continued progress at home. Our highly structured, yet individualized, health program promotes team camaraderie and a community atmosphere while allowing our expert team to closely monitor each guest’s progress.


Our all-inclusive holistic wellness programs integrate our Four Pillars of Health: Fitness, Nutrition, Medicine and Behavioral Health.