Luxury Wellness Resorts for Individuals

Is VeraVia Right For You?


Our guests arrive at VeraVia seeking answers for a variety of their wellness challenges, including:

  • Healthy weight loss / long-term weight management
  • Diabetes prevention and other obesity-related medical challenges
  • Stress management tools
  • Unhealthy behavior recognition and improved healthy habits
  • Executive wellness / reboot
  • Increasing energy and improving sleep patterns
  • Elimination of chronic pain
  • Improved strength and flexibility
  • Reducing age-related symptoms
  • Navigating significant life changes / difficulties


Our guests are men and women typically with highly driven personalities, used to goal setting and striving for “success,” though perhaps at a cost to their health and well-being. They range from those looking for a complete life transformation to those seeking to blast through a fitness plateau. Our fitness classes can be completely customized to meet all ranges of fitness levels.

Our program includes more one-on-one individual attention than any other wellness retreat, so we can address your specific health goals!

After completing our program, you’ll have discovered your own true path to complete and sustainable health and wellbeing—leaving inspired, energized, clear-minded, calm, focused, empowered, and with a rejuvenated spirit!