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Why VeraVia?
Our Team of Experts

Our Wellness Retreat Team

Your Personal Team of Health Experts

During your stay at VeraVia, you’ll have a fully integrated multidisciplinary team of health and wellness experts working together to help you achieve your goals. As your personal support team, we’ll help you connect the dots, to make necessary correlations between symptoms, struggles, or past experiences and solutions so you can create lasting changes.

Our holistic retreats team is comprised of leading professionals in their respective fields. The health experts who will serve you include:

  • Naturopathic Doctors
  • Functional Medical Doctors
  • Certified Personal Trainers and Strength and Conditioning Specialists
  • Integrative Nutritionists
  • Psychologists specializing in Behavioral Science
  • Mind-Body Integrative Health Specialists
  • Pain and Posture Therapy Specialists
  • Holistic Health Practitioners
  • A network of alternative holistic medical professionals


This diverse and experienced team uses its extensive experience in treating all aspects of health to help you achieve the best results possible.

  • Wyatt Chapman

    Wyatt Chapman: CEO & Founder

    As the CEO and Founder, Wyatt embodies VeraVia’s comprehensive mind, body and spirit approach to health. He understands the importance of discovering the relationship among one’s internal elements (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) and mastering them to achieve the highest self, allowing for true success and an optimal life experience. Prior to starting VeraVia, Wyatt served as President and Principal Architect of award-winning architectural design firm. During his time, he led the cutting-edge sustainable design and construction of numerous large-scale projects across the country, including recreation and fitness facilities, comprehensive physical and mental wellness facilities, rehabilitation centers, dormitories, aircraft hangars and maintenance facilities, and more.
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    While finding "success" professionally, Wyatt’s health, energy, productivity, and personal life suffered. Chronic stress and working seven days a week led to poor sleep habits, chronic back pain, unhealthy eating, and the inability to exercise. Doctors were interested in prescribing drugs to mask the symptoms, rather than treat the underlying cause of his health issues. This led to struggles with anxiety and depression. During his internal struggle, Wyatt discovered the importance of building an environmental and personal balance that promotes optimal happiness, productivity, and quality of life. He realized that in order to have true lasting health, you must treat all aspects that makeup a persons wellness including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. From this experience, the idea of VeraVia was born and became the tool for individuals to succeed in the pursuit of wellness.

  • Dr. Derek Lawrence

    Dr. Derek Lawrence: Director of Naturopathic Medicine

    Dr. Derek is a licensed naturopathic doctor and the owner of his own private medical practice that specializes in using 100% natural therapies to treat illness, prevent disease, and promote health and vitality.  At VeraVia, Dr. Derek builds respectful, therapeutic relationships with clients that motivate, empower, and inspire them to regain control of their health.  He specializes in wellness, detoxification, and natural foot care and treats a variety of conditions, including chronic pain and disease, weight gain, musculoskeletal injuries, endocrine imbalances, and digestive disorders.
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    While undergoing training at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) to become a primary care doctor, he completed a one-year internship with internationally renowned Dr. Dickson Thom DDS, ND, focusing on the non-pharmaceutical treatment of acute and chronic disease with an emphasis on the use of biotherapeutic drainage. Dr. Derek also completed a six-month internship in cardiopulmonary medicine with naturopathic cardiologist, Dr. Martin Milner, ND. Furthermore, Dr. Derek practiced the natural reversal of common foot ailments under the guidance of Dr. Ray McClanahan, DPM, a podiatrist and natural foot health enthusiast.

    Dr. Derek received his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine (ND) from NCNM in Portland, Oregon and his Bachelors of Science (BSc) in Biology from the University of Winnipeg in Winnipeg, Canada.


  • Dr. Korianne A. Haas, M.D.

    Dr. Korianne A. Haas, M.D.: Medical Doctor

    A licensed physician and surgeon and board certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Haas served for over a decade in the conventional healthcare system. She understands the importance and value, as well as the biases and pitfalls, of western medicine. She currently integrates functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, medical acupuncture and oxygen healing therapies at Vera Via and her private practice in Encinitas. Dr. Haas is passionate about patient education and empowerment. She uses a multi-modal approach to remove obstacles that prevent the body from healing itself through nutrition, targeted supplementation, injection therapies including biopuncture, and a limited range of pharmaceuticals when indicated to help her patients achieve vibrant health inside and out.    
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    Dr. Haas completed advanced courses in, and directly trained with some of today's top doctors in the fields of medical acupuncture, oxygen healing therapies, functional medicine, and naturopathic medicine, respectively, including Dr. Joseph Helms, Dr. Frank Shallenberger, Dr. Robert Thompson and Vera Via's own Dr. Derek Lawrence.

    Dr. Haas is an active participant in societies dedicated to the advancement of medicine, and she considers it an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to educate, inspire and forge healing partnerships with patients who are ready to understand the physiological factors which are holding them back and are highly motivated to take steps which will allow them to become increasingly healthy and energetic in the years, and even decades, to come.

    Dr. Haas's specialties include: 1. Restoring proper metabolism, thus helping patients lose weight, burn fat, reduce cravings, and maintain steady energy and mental clarity 2. Diagnosing and correcting nutritional, particularly mineral, imbalances and deficiencies which play an important role in most disease processes, 3. Treating functional endocrine disorders which contribute to stress, exhaustion, infertility, allergies and more, including hypothyroidism, adrenal dysfunction and reproductive hormone dysregulation, 4. Restoring balance and health to the gastrointestinal tract in order to improve mood, sleep and more, 5. Balancing the immune system to help resolve chronic disease, stealth infections, systemic inflammation, autoimmune disease and reduce her patients' risk of developing cancer, 6. Improving blood flow and oxygen delivery throughout the body to promote wound healing, detoxification and improve athletic performance, and 7. Non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical permanent pain relief.

  • Natasha Edwina

    Natasha Edwina: Behavioral Health Specialist

    Natasha is a behavioral health coach, psychotherapist, mind-body medicine practitioner, speaker, and author interested in helping individuals explore their potential, maximize their strengths, and manifest their dreams into reality. Natasha has nearly 20 years experience working in the mental health field, 10 of those serving in the public school system. It was in the public schools that Natasha learned flexibility and creativity to meet the needs of a system with multiple layers of stress, and perfected her truly integrative mind-body-spirit approach to helping clients efficiently and effectively achieve goals and achieve health.

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    Natasha is an advisor to the board for the local non-profit yoga foundation for at-risk kids, The Sean O'Shea Foundation. Natasha has extensive experience working with trauma, has healed from her own, and loves to teach others how their post-traumatic growth can actually give them an advantage in becoming successful.

    Natasha has worked with celebrities, CEOs of successful companies, highly stressed entrepreneurs, creative types, highly sensitive individuals, and specializes in working with ambitious movers and shakers.

    Natasha is working on a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine, Specializing in Integrative Mental Health from Saybrook University (2013-current). She also has certifications in Clinical Hypnosis - Saybrook University (2014-current), Mind-Body Medicine - The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (2009-current), Mindful Change coaching, and is a Certified Sanoviv Nutrition Advisor - Level One and Level Two. Natasha also holds CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MFC49988; has 1 Year Post-Graduate Training in Bioenergetics (Somatic Relational Psychology) and 2 Years Post-Graduate Training in Bowen Family Systems Theory. She holds a Master of Arts, Marriage and Family Therapy from Alliant International University in San Diego and a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Spanish from University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.



  • Dr. Megan Lewis

    Dr. Megan Lewis: Director of Behavioral Health

    Dr. Megan Lewis is our Director of Behavioral Health. Dr. Lewis brings a breadth of knowledge and over 18 years of clinical experience in the field of psychology and behavioral health. In addition to her more than ten years of experience in private practice, she has worked as an Adjunct Professor at Alliant International University and as a consulting psychologist at an inpatient psychiatric hospital, a detention facility, and a residential substance abuse program. She specializes in mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and addictive behaviors. She has helped countless individuals overcome their struggles with obesity, food addiction and emotional eating patterns.
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    Dr. Lewis is extremely attuned to, and cognizant of the mind-body connection and the inseparable marriage between an individual’s emotional and physical health. She will help you to achieve your personal weight loss, health and fitness goals, develop strategies to more effectively cope with stress, and modulate emotion to lead you to a healthier and more satisfying life.

    Dr. Lewis holds a California Psychologist License PSY 18875 and a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University, San Diego. She has a Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology from Alliant International University, San Diego and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology from University of California, San Diego.

  • Nathan Briner

    Nathan Briner: Director of Fitness

    Nathan Briner has been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. He brings a wide range of experience, education, and passion to inform and inspire people to be their fittest selves. Nathan was the Fitness Manager and head of the corrective exercise department at the world renowned Rancho La Puerta health spa for 11 years and now brings his expertise as Fitness Director to VeraVia. Nathan is also a Pain Management Specialist and a dedicated Yoga Instructor. He owns and operates the TrueBalance Therapy Clinic in San Diego and travels to teach yoga intensives for pain management around the world. 

    Hi versatile skill set includes pain management and corrective exercise programming; conducting in-depth workshops on the biomechanics of yoga; corporate posture therapy programs; Pilates and fitness classes. Every class Nathan teaches is always tailored to the needs of all participants.
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    Nathan is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Registered Massage Therapist with over 3,000 hours continuing education in therapeutic neuroscience education, kinesiology, physiology, biomechanics, and anatomy. 

    Nathan holds professional certifications in Zen Therapy Rolfing, Thai Massage, Optimal Performance Bodywork, British Sports Therapy, Pain Neutralization Techniques, Active Release Techniques (ART), Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), Primal Reflex Release Techniques, DermoNeuroModulation Technique, Symmetry Posture Therapy, Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Stott Pilates mat and reformer.

  • Joana Kezas

    Joana Kezas: Assistant Director of Fitness, Certified Personal Trainer

    Joana has been in the health and fitness industry for almost 20 years, and specializes in leading group exercise classes and personal training. An avid runner and mother of three she values the importance of balancing a healthy lifestyle and family. Joana specializes in posture analysis, corrective exercise, fat loss, and functional training. She is committed to educate, motivate, and inspire others to live a healthier, stronger life.
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    Joana holds professional certifications in: National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer; National Council on Strength and Fitness, Certified Personal Trainer; Aquatic Exercise Association, Certified Aquatic Instructor; Certification in Applied Functional Science: Gray Institute.

  • Cat Dillon, RHN, FDN

    Cat Dillon, RHN, FDN: Director of Nutrition

    Cat Dillon, RHN, (Registered Holistic Nutritionist), FDN (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner), Certified First Line Therapy Practitioner, and Certified Transformational Wellness Coach, assists wellness seekers through co-mingling of food as medicine, holistic lifestyle principles and transformational coaching. At VeraVia, Cat teaches tangible steps to transform unsuccessful attempts at improving and maintaining health, into an empowering nutrition and self-care program that gives energy, focus and well-being for life.  
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    Cat helps motivate and educate clients at any level of change, so they can become familiar with listening to their bodies' innate wisdom. By doing so, they can facilitate their own healing and receive their desired results. She has helped clients suffering from weight loss resistance, sugar and carb cravings, allergies, immune system imbalance, digestive difficulties, anxiety/depression, insomnia, metabolic disorders, and many others.

    Having been a fitness instructor while studying nutrition at SFSU, Cat experienced a world of obsessive calorie counting; where food was feared instead of revered. She then began her whole-hearted quest merging the concept of healthy habits around food with the utmost nutrition, flavor and sensory pleasures of real food.  Upon graduating, she enrolled and graduated from Vancouver’s Dubrulle Culinary Arts, where she followed her dream of becoming a chef. Cat spent the next 15 years cooking at some of San Diego’s most lavish residences and top name restaurants.  Cat’s passion for cooking expanded as she continued her study at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, receiving her (RHN) registered holistic nutritionist designation.

    Cat's passion for health doesn't stop at nutrition. She has competed for years in triathlon and running events.  Her loves are her husband and two rescue dogs, Mochi and Minnie.

  • Tish Gehringer

    Tish Gehringer: Certified Personal Trainer

    Tish received her personal trainer certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is a Foundation Training Level I Instructor and gained certification in TRX, Kettlebell, Gravity, and Keiser Cycling. Tish has also completed CPR and First Aid certifications.
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    While Tish is well versed in a variety of personal training techniques, she specializes in Foundation Training which focuses on Posture, Balance and Strength. She also concentrates on TRX Suspension, Gravity Training and Balance BOSU Training.

    She has developed a well-rounded health and fitness philosophy over her career as a trainer. Tish admits that she spent much of her 20’s and 30’s “killing it” as an instructor and triathlete and then realized her body was trying to send her signals. She discovered that her balance was gone. She had over trained and ignored so many other aspects of her wellness that she had to take a huge step back. From that point on she focused on creating a more complete wellness approach that will take her well into her 80’s. Tish hopes to help others, even the most extreme athletes, understand the importance of “balance” and how we can still achieve our goals while taking time to focus on the importance of a balanced life and healthy body.

  • Travis Armbruster

    Travis Armbruster: Certified Personal Trainer

    Travis has been a fitness professional for 8 years and is certified in ACE and NASM education programs. He specializes in balancing, strengthening, and improving flexibility through a variety of modalities. Travis utilizes specific techniques, like Rossiter, to help clients find fast pain relief and to assure long-term pain relief.
  • Ashley Wynn

    Ashley Wynn: Guided Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor

    Ashley is a certified Kundalini Yoga and Mindful Meditation instructor. She is certified through the Kundalini Research Institute, is a teacher and long-time practitioner of Vipassana, or Mindful Meditation, and is a member of the Yoga Alliance. Ashley is committed to helping those who are seeking better health, relaxation, stress reduction, and greater focus.
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    Ashley has worked with individuals and groups to teach a variety of mindfulness meditation practices. She has worked with those in recovery programs for drug and alcohol addictions as well as eating disorders and self-esteem issues. Ashley also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from UCLA.

  • Holly Richelle

    Holly Richelle: Yoga Instructor

    Holly began practicing yoga in 2001 at the conclusion of a lifelong dance career.  She came to yoga seeking the body awareness and joy of movement she had experienced as a dancer.  Although the fluid movements on vinyasa / flow-style yoga were a natural transition from dance, she has studied many lineages and traditions of yoga over the last 13 years.  Her studies in yoga have been a revolution in her life and overall wellbeing, a gift that she is passionate about sharing with her students.
  • Liza Janda

    Liza Janda: Yoga Teacher

    Liza has been teaching yoga and practicing yoga for over 16 years, including Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Prenatal Yoga. Before discovering her passion for yoga, she was a fitness instructor. She began by teaching fitness for 24 years and worked at some of the world’s leading spas, including The Golden Door, Cal-a-Vie, and Rancho La Puerta, and now, at VeraVia. Her passion for yoga is inspired by experiencing for herself, and hearing from her students how yoga transforms and changes lives. For Liza yoga is about the feeling in the mind and in the body. She likes to tell her students, “It’s called Yoga Practice, not Yoga Perfect!” There’s no competition, even with yourself. It’s all about the benefits for your body and your mind and your life on and off the mat.
  • Lisa-Anne French

    Lisa-Anne French: Fitness Instructor

    Lisa-Anne teaches a variety of fitness classes including Nia, Pilates, Aqua, Swimming, and Walking/Hiking. Lisa-Anne is a Certified Nia Black Belt, a Certified Nia 5-Stages Teacher, and Certified Pilates Practitioner. She received her Nia training through The Nia Technique in Portland Oregon. Pilates training through the PhysicalMind Institute in New York City, Balancepoint Pilates and BASI Pilates. Lisa-Anne has been an avid athlete her whole life and has performed and danced all over the world. Before becoming a serious dancer, Lisa-Anne was a competitive swimmer, water polo player and soccer player. Lisa-Anne loves to walk and practiced Racewalking for many years.
  • Mark Haskins, L.Ac., Ma.O.M.

    Mark Haskins, L.Ac., Ma.O.M.:

    Mark is the licensed acupuncturist at VeraVia and is available for individual sessions. He provides acupuncture, deep bodywork, herbal medicine, and energy medicine.
  • Dr. Paul Paez, D.C.

    Dr. Paul Paez, D.C.: Chiropractor

    Dr. Paul is a licensed, National Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic and owner of his own private practice specializing in Brain-Based Posture Correction. Dr. Paul brings to VeraVia client’s a treatment to relieve pain, posture correction and valuable self-care instructions for continued at-home improvement. His unique approach incorporates the principles of chiropractic, massage and physical therapy. Common conditions relieved by Dr Paul’s approach includes pain of the neck, back, hip and shoulders. 
  • Adrian Van der Walt

    Adrian Van der Walt: Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist

    Adrian has over 15 years of experience in Fitness and Performance Training.H e is a Certified NASM Performance Enhancement, MMA Conditioning, and Corrective Exercise Specialist.  Along the way, he discovered (MAT) Muscle Activation Techniques, which is a revolutionary approach to strengthening and stabilizing the body.  He received his MAT Specialist Certification in 2013.
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    Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a  systematic approach to the assessment and correction of muscular imbalances in the human body. It is designed to balance the muscular system. Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) provides the tools to identify restrictions in motion and joint instability relating to muscle tightness and weakness. Through this systematic approach, Muscle Activation Techniques is used to jump start the muscle to increase maximum efficiency.

  • Steve Halverson

    Steve Halverson: Tennis Director at Aviara

    The Tennis Director at Aviara, Steve Halverson, has been a member of Peter Burwash International for over 36 years, and he is currently in charge of their international wheelchair player program. Steve joined Aviara in 1997. He is able to teach tennis in four languages: English, Spanish, French, and Indonesian. Steve also has experience teaching and playing tennis in over 50 countries.  
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    He specializes in teaching the individual and strives to make tennis fun for players with varying skill levels. At Aviara, Steve teaches group and individual tennis classes.

  • Adrienne Penney

    Adrienne Penney: Client Coordinator & Special Operations

    Adrienne is the Senior Client Coordinator and handles all special operation tasks at VeraVia. By combining her love of science and working with people, Adrienne facilitates health programs within the office and arranges outings for VeraVia guests. Prior to VeraVia, Adrienne worked at a forensic toxicology lab as a lab assistant and in furniture sales at the Chapman Collection, where she met CEO and Founder Wyatt Chapman, as well as Co-Founder and Vice President Melissa Chapman.  Adrienne has completed senior research on neurodegenerative diseases, specifically Corticobasal Degeneration, determining the effects of toxin accumulation on the human mind and body. Specifically, she studied the important role of antioxidants and vitamins in cell detoxification.
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    Adrienne earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) with a major in Biology and minor in Neuroscience from King’s College, Wilkes-Barre, PA.

  • Beth Almario

    Beth Almario: VeraVia-Aviara Liaison

    Beth coordinates all activities between VeraVia and the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort and Spa and acts as a liaison to ensure a completely seamless experience for VeraVia guests. As a member of the Park Hyatt Aviara food and beverage team for the past six years, she brings her in-depth five-star resort experience to our team. Beth enjoys working with guests to ensure they have an enjoyable and comfortable stay beyond expectations. Beth received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from CSU Sacramento.

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