A Taste of a Life-Changing Stay at VeraVia

The Experience At Our Luxury Fitness Resort

At VeraVia, we are the most comprehensive all-inclusive luxury health and weight loss resort and spa. Not only do we cover all four pillars of health, but we also create a luxury retreat experience at the world-class “Forbes Five-Star” and “AAA Five-Diamond Rated” Park Hyatt Aviara Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California.

So what can you expect during your stay at VeraVia?

Below we outline what is included:

Before Arrival

Before starting your VeraVia experience, you’ll complete a comprehensive online pre-arrival health and lifestyle questionnaire covering every aspect of your existing health. This includes lifestyle habits, pre-existing health conditions, dietary restrictions, behavior and personality, and personal health goals.

Our team will review your completed health questionnaire to help provide a personalized program. Before you even arrive for your stay, our team will have a complete picture of your current lifestyle habits, health status, and wellness goals for your stay. This questionnaire is critical for your success at VeraVia and will also be used to measure your results upon leaving our weight loss resort and spa.

You’ll also receive a pre-arrival call from our Director of Fitness to find out more detail about your current fitness level and any physical restrictions so our fitness team can customize the workouts to meet you where you are.

Our Director of Nutrition will call you before your arrival to review any dietary restrictions and review your nutritional goals, which will be used to customize your meal plan.


During Your Stay

Your stay has begun! It’s an exciting moment when you step through our doors. After meeting our team, we’ll guide you to your room to settle in and unpack. You’ll start with an orientation and overview of your program before dinner. You’ll receive a welcome packet which includes your customized program schedule for your stay.

On your first day you’ll begin meeting with our team members to measure, plan, and execute all four pillars of your personalized health plan. This includes:


  • Comprehensive body composition analysis with report
  • Comprehensive fitness test including strength, posture, balance, and flexibility
  • Understanding of current lifestyle and exercise preferences
  • One-on-one training to address physical injuries and review fitness goals
  • Pre- and post-stay tests to measure your results
  • Creating a personalized long-term fitness plan so you leave VeraVia on the path to achievement (for Foundational and Comprehensive Stays)


  • Vital signs and complete blood laboratory tests with result interpretations from our doctors (for Comprehensive Stays)
  • Individual consultation with one of our naturopathic doctors (for Comprehensive Stays)
  • Personalized summary of your results with long-term take-home action plan (for Comprehensive Stays)
  • Educational workshops from our naturopathic doctor


  • Individual sessions with our holistic nutritionist to review current diet and lifestyle
  • Mapping of your daily meals and snacks during your stay
  • Educational workshops from our Director of Nutrition
  • Grocery store trips with our Director of Nutrition to learn how to shop for healthy food
  • Food cooking demo
  • Individualized take-home plan with meal plans that fit your tastes, budget, and available time


  • Individual sessions with our behavioral health therapist to address underlying mental challenges
  • Learn tools to create life balance, mind-body integration, and build a better quality of life
  • Learn stress management tools through guided meditation and biofeedback sessions
  • Educational workshops for positive life management skills

After Your Stay

When you return home you’ll be ready to implement your healthy new habits! Your personalized take-home plan will outline your specific at home success plan from each of our clinicians. You’ll have after-care coaching sessions to help with accountability and to help you transition into your new healthy lifestyle and help you get continued and sustainable results when you go home.

You’ll have access to complete recipes and meal plans along with numerous helpful recourses located on our Alum Portal webpage. You can also stay connected to our VeraVia team members and our support community of past guests on our private Facebook group.

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