Executive Wellness Programs

Executive Health & Wellness Coaching for Busy Lifestyles

Your high-stress career, personal finances, home life, family matters, and health all compete for your time and energy. Trying to juggle all these responsibilities can leave you feeling stressed, tired, sick, and with little time to recharge and reboot.

Our executive fitness program works with your current lifestyle and available time to build a fitness and wellness regimen that is realistic to you. This includes exercise regimens while traveling, effective workouts to do in half the time, and staying fit with minimal access to gyms or personal equipment.  You’ll learn how to eat healthy on-the-go, and what foods will help increase your energy and improve your mental and physical performance.

The retreat also covers executive wellness, examining behavioral health to combat the negative health effects of a stressful lifestyle. Stress management, self-care, and work/life balance are just a few of the mental wellness aspects we explore.

VeraVia’s multi-disciplinary approach to executive health considers all the aspects of health that may be impacting your ability to feel balanced, motivated, focused and productive.



Our fitness team will design a specific fitness plan that fits in your lifestyle, including:

  • How you can keep fit using bodyweight only exercises
  • How to minimize risk of injury so you can stay on track
  • Which exercises will boost your metabolism, helping you burn more calories even while you rest
  • How you can get great results in half the time, using proven exercise techniques
  • Stay fit even while you’re traveling
  • Functional, whole-body, workouts that boost your energy and keep you looking and feeling great
  • Overcoming chronic pain or injuries



Our integrative naturopathic and functional medical team can help you feel your best by:

  • Improving nutritional status, resulting in increased energy levels, weight loss, and greater overall wellbeing
  • Enhancing immune function, which translates to less sick days and increased productivity
  • Balancing your stress response, preventing burnout and leading to improved health and vitality, more restful sleep, decreased inflammation, and reduced risk of many chronic diseases
  • Relieving aches and pains so you can fully enjoy your free time
  • Promoting daily detoxification to prevent illnesses, improve physiological function, boost your overall health and vitality, and decrease inflammation
  • Improving your quality of sleep, so you can enjoy greater energy and experience increased productivity
  • Facilitating digestive health, thereby eliminating abdominal discomfort, improving nutritional assimilation, enhancing immunity, and increasing energy levels
  • Optimizing hormonal function, so you can enhance your drive at work—and at home!
  • Addressing existing health concerns, ensuring health status does not become an obstacle to your successful career and fulfilling life. A HEALTHIER existence = a HAPPIER existence!



Our integrative nutritionist will work with you to design a nutrition plan that works with your lifestyle, including:

  • Reprioritize nutrition in your busy schedule
  • Strategies for maintaining healthy choices while in office, traveling, and dining out
  • Learn how nutrition can increase your energy, and improve mental acuity
  • Meal planning strategies for the executive
  • Supporting optimal health through balance and repletion
  • Effective supplementation to optimize energy, mood, and gut health


Behavioral Health:

Our team of behavioral health professionals will work with you both in group and individual sessions to:

  • Identify the sources of stress in your life
  • Learn effective techniques for stress management
  • Manage your busy daily schedule to promote optimal productivity while allowing adequate time for self-care and to be the most efficient you can be
  • Identify dysfunctional thought patterns that fuel negative and unhealthy behaviors
  • Explore perspectives to allow you to “unplug” in order to “re-charge”
  • Gain improved and sustainable productivity and energy, learning proven techniques for renewing your energy
  • Mindfulness and mind-body awareness
  • Including self-care into your routine
  • Re-prioritize your goals and learn how you can enjoy life