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“Three week comprehensive stay”

This program was LIFE CHANGING for me. I highly recommend it for anyone of any age who is looking for a way to live their life feeling anxiety free and in control of their weight, wellness, emotions, stress and future! Leave everything you think you know about health at the door and truly trust this process and these amazing experts. You will thank yourself for it! Your friends and family will thank you for it!! I suggest a longer stay if you have the option of doing so. Three weeks was the perfect amount of time to figure out where things were going wrong, make a plan to get them back on track, and finally get to see my actions show Aaahhhhmazing results. This is more than just a fitness retreat/boot camp. It is a small group of people who truly want to change their lives and the experts invest so much into every client that attends the program.
I can’t say enough about this program! The Park Hyatt is extremely luxurious too!*

C.W. – British Columbia, Canada Visited June 2016

“VeraVia isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity if you want to live optimally!”

As the CEO of an international public traded company with over 4,500 people I’m constantly on the go and taking time for myself seemed like a luxury I couldn’t afford. As a result, over the years I noticed my health going downhill. I gained weight, wasn’t sleeping well, didn’t exercise and was feeling the effects of constant stress.

Finally I decided to seek out a retreat that understands the overworked executive and the daily pressures that we have. My wife and I found VeraVia and ended up booking a multiple week stay. VeraVia was exactly what I needed and more. At first I thought there’s no way I can take a whole week off work, much less more! But I finally agreed and I can tell you that going to VeraVia has been one of the best decisions of my life! After staying two weeks there at the beginning of February I felt like a completely new person! I lost weight and feel fit again, I sleep much better and wake up feeling energized and motivated, and most of all I learned the importance of making my health a priority instead of an after thought. On going back to work, I have found that I am more productive and efficient and I’m also able to give more to my family when I’m home.

What I love about VeraVia is the boutique size and how they customize your program based on your current fitness level and your health goals. This isn’t just a spa where you come to relax with friends, this is a place to come to really invest in yourself and get lasting results. They get a lot of busy, stressed executives from all over the world and they understand how critical their time is and how to get amazing results fast. The resort is beautiful and the whole VeraVia Team is amazing and inspiring. The food is delicious and I never felt hungry or deprived. I left VeraVia having learned so much and with a customized health and wellness plan that I was able to comfortably implement when I got home. VeraVia isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity if you want to live optimally!*

Robert D. – California Visited February and April 2016

“Immersed in wellness and positive energy”

This review is tough because you just can’t explain how amazing the experience is at Veravia! Every aspect of this program is truly incredible. I learned so much from the workshops and one on one interactions with each member of the Veravia team. They take a personal interest in your wellness and are committed to helping you succeed no matter if your goal is improving nutrition, stress reduction, exercise goals etc. I was hesitant at first to try the express program as I was not sure it would be enough time to really capture the full experience. IT WAS AWESOME! I lost 4lbs and 4 inches in just a few days!! The difference in the way I felt in just a short amount of time was unbelievable, the food I ate during the program was delicious and I returned home no longer craving BREAD, especially after being well educated on how processed foods etc.affect hormones and overall well being. So much to say about the staff and accommodations. Thank you Veravia for helping to pave my path to greater wellness!*

Daisie Visited May 2016

“VeraVia WELLNESS Retreat!”

Words will not do justice to what VeraVia was able to provide me with, but I will do my best to explain how exponentially better I felt about myself after completing their program. Feeling down and out about work, self-perception, and just about everything else that I could think about, I set out to find a retreat that could help turn this pity party around. Well that is just what the crew (now known as my bothers and sisters from other Mr’s 🙂 with some apprehension I booked a 10 day comprehensive package, which seemed to be the most in depth and inclusive package, and it was just that. I was met by the smiling and friendly face of Joyce, she made me feel welcome right from the start giving me the full works of a tour and settling me into my new home for the next few days. The resort itself with its beautifully manicured gardens and grounds was enough to start the relaxation and reset. However, that fell second quickly to the attentive and passionate crew. Everyone and I do mean every single therapist, trainer, life coach, coordinator, founder and family member of the veravia clan went above and beyond my expectations making it known from the start that they all want to help you achieve greatness in whatever way it manifests itself. There was not one moment where I felt as if these people are “just doing their job” or they aren’t practicing what they preach, Marc, Cat, Tish, Lisa-Ann, Ashley, Travis, Holly, Adrienne, Joyce, Dr’s Lawrence and Lewis and soon to be Dr. Natasha along with the founders Melissa and Wyatt were literally there with every step! Always asking for feedback as to how we were feeling what we needed where we were growing and so on. What I found so amazing about the VV experience was that it was so intimate and well executed that I can’t see any other program having benefitted me as much as this one did. There was no scary boot camp element, no level of competition or self-doubt, it wasn’t a far fetched retreat where it’s so outside of your comfort zone that you can’t re-acclimate to your daily surroundings. All in all I could talk about how great they are but you should just see for yourself.*

Bettie P. Visited April 2016

“The pathway to mind-body wellness”

This a place where the treatment of one’s mind and body is taken seriously. The staff is incredible. You can see that they love their jobs and truly care. They provide a warm, caring, open, judgment-free environment. The food and service is fabulous. Food allergies and dislikes are taken into account when your meals are prepared. There is personal time scheduled among group and individual sessions. Their naturopath, Dr Derek who is also a regular MD is addressing an issue that I have that has been passed over by different PCPs for years. I was provided with medical, fitness, nutritional, behavioral health tools that I will be able to use when I got home. Aftercare sessions are provided as support for when you get home. The best part is that you can use them when and how you want. You will not get lost in the crowd here. The staff to client ratio is very small. We only had 7 people in our group. I intend to go back in the near future. I made some great friends. Overall, I think Melissa and Wyatt have done a wonderful job of creating a place with the right staffing to take care of your mind and body wellness.*

Mandy T. – New York City, NY Visited May 2016

“Highly recommend to get on the right path to wellness!”

From start to finish, the program, staff, food and service were outstanding. My husband and I decided to stay for 2 weeks, figuring 1 week would not be enough to make a difference particularly for my husband. He is a self-described couch potato and the main reason for us going was to get his high blood pressure under control without meds. The high intensity workouts were challenging but not unreasonable and they were able to accommodate all fitness levels within each workout. Marc, the fitness director, and the entire fitness team were fantastic and made sure we were doing the exercises safely and made modifications as needed based on prior injuries.They made sure to vary each workout, incorporating machines, free weights, bands, etc. The higher intensity workouts were balanced by lower intensity sessions of pilates, yoga and 2 long morning hikes. We also had “field trips” to mix up the program with visits to a boxing gym, spin/TRX studio and tennis clinic. Great fun! When not working out or eating, there was a good mix of nutritional and wellness workshops, meditation and personal downtime. The food was delicious and satisfying! Cat, the nutrition director, was always checking that everything was to our liking and that the kitchen was meeting our individual needs re food allergies, etc. Dr. Derek, the naturopath, was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He recommended supplements but there was no “hard” sell of VeraVia products which we appreciated. We did buy some for convenience and some of the vitamin/herb combinations were different than other brands I’ve seen. Adrienne was super helpful and super nice and took care of all our administrative needs. We were so glad that we decided to stay 2 weeks, one would not have been enough. My husband ended up dropping his blood pressure down from 152/98 to 118/80 after only 2 weeks and lost 8 pounds! He has been working out and walking more and have really cut back on his wine consumption. Additionally, his sleep apnea is much improved and I have benefitted from less snoring on his part! I highly recommend VeraVia!*

Julie – Toronto, Canada Visited March 2016

“10 pounds down and counting!”

My experience at VeraVia was one that was lasting. It had been almost a year after we had our baby and I was feeling very out of shape and exhausted. I wasn’t eating well and definitely wasn’t on any workout routine and felt too far gone to start one. That’s when my husband made arrangements for me to visit Vera Via. He first experienced Vera Via over two years ago and has been raving about it since so I was really excited to my own reboot! When I got there I was greeted by Adrienne, who was so nice and welcoming. I immediately felt like I was on vacation because the hotel and surroundings are just beautiful. That first night of sleeping in a king size bed by myself was glorious and the next day we were off and running. The days were packed with a nice mix of mind, body and soul exercises and I felt like I was at a luxury adult camp. I learned so much about myself! But… I have to say the true take away was what came after. Due to the meal portions over 3 days and working with the nutritionist, Cat, I was able to implement portion control into my daily life. Cat worked with me on setting up a meal plan for my family to help me save time and money while eating healthy. This has lasted for 4 months now and I’ve lost about 10 pounds and overall feel like my life is much more manageable and back on track. I definitely recommend visiting VeraVia!*

Nina K. – Los Angeles, CA Visited January 2016

“Everything I expected and more!”

When I called VeraVia the first time I spoke to Melissa. Everything she explained about the program was exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t believe everything I needed and WANTED was all in one program. I was so pleased with how fast they could fit me into the program as well. Getting here was so uplifting starting with my immediate minute of stepping foot onto the beautiful Park Hyatt Aviara and being greeted by Adrienne. I could not wait to get started! Being here gave me the courage to believe in myself again. The trainers were the most experienced I’ve ever had in fitness. Cat was beyond everything I expected from a nutritional stance. She left in me in awe of her passion for healthy food. The therapy sessions and workouts never left me disappointed. Really only left me wanting more. I wish I could stay longer! The food and service was remarkable. This is what I would consider luxury treatment for the soul, all around! Dr. Derek is the most amazing Doctor I’ve ever had a chance of meeting. I wish I could fold him up and take him to Boston with me. I could not say more about this wonderful experience other than I cant wait to come back! Thank you VeraVia for being there for me and introducing me to some of my new friends I made along the way. I could only stay a week this time but if you can I would recommend two weeks or more. I was sad to leave but got SO much information about myself, my mind, body and soul in just one short week.*

Danielle D. – Massachussetts Visited February 2016

“The gift”

I really, truly, do not know where to start recounting the extraordinary experiences I had at VeraVia.
To begin with, I am a 62 year old overworked, overweight, stressed out woman on the edge. Having one minor health issue after the next, and then having a big one last year, I was literally at the end of my rope. Not knowing where to to turn, but knowing I needed help fast, I made one of the best decisions of my life and came to VeraVia. I, unknowingly, at the time, gave myself the gift of a lifetime.
For starters, the venue is gorgeous. I’ve been to some opulent hotels in my time, but this takes the cake. Everything; the room, the gym, the grounds, the spa, was perfection. What an awesome treat!
From the moment I arrived I was treated with care, concern, and most important of all, respect.
The staff is magnificent. Each and every person is an expert in their own field, and welcome you into their world with open arms and a true desire to make you better. Their upbeat attitudes are contagious, and even an old, cranky, tired gal like myself couldn’t help but smile back and be uplifted by their embrace. I learned so, so much, and will carry it with me the rest of my life.
The food is out of this world and very,very good for you to boot! The exercise sessions, although tough for me, were modified so I could complete them, and were just what I needed to get going again. There were medical tests that helped me get a good picture of what my body was up to, and what to work on to improve my health so I can live my best life. What a great tool is that? And, as a big bonus, the aftercare program is out of this world. I get up every day and embark on the VeraVia way of living, which, by the way, is the only way to live.
VeraVia is truly the true path to living well.
Do yourself a favor. You are worth having around for a long time, and VeraVia is there to help make that come true. Give yourself the Gift. Go.*

Kathryn C. – Cambra Visited February 2016

“VeraVia gave me the best life makeover ever!”

I was looking for a well rounded health and wellness spa that would give me a total health reboot and the kickstart I needed. VeraVia exceeded my expectations and truly transformed my life. They have a phenomenal team that strive to educate, motivate and get you on the right track to living a healthier lifestyle. The nutrition classes and workshops are invaluable! I learned so much from Cat, truly thankful I could bring these lessons home for my family and cook healthy meals! The fitness team and training was incredible, I enjoyed every minute they pushed me. The medical component was life altering, I cannot thank Dr. Derek enough! Wyatt and Melissa did an outstanding job recruiting such a remarkable staff that delivers the total health and wellness combination needed to live a positive healthier lifestyle. The best two weeks ever! Life changing! Cannot wait to go back!*

Susan C. – North Carolina Visited January 2016

“Just What the Doctor Ordered!”

I went to VeraVia to get a heath reboot. I’d been feeling flat and uninspired the past few years. Low energy, non-restorative sleep. Call it burnout, andropause middle-age crises – whatever – I just knew I needed to get a kickstart. The week I spent there was transformational. The program is a great balance of education and activity. i learned a great deal about my body and how to treat it better. Lisa, the nutritionist, did a great job getting me detoxed, decaffeinated and hydrated. The fitness staff did a great job building a program for me that included variety and intensity in my exercise routines and the life coaches/therapists helped me see some things that had been bothering me in a different light. In the three weeks since I’ve left, I am sleeping, have energy , working out every day. If you are in a general rut, funk or malaise, these guys will get you out of it. Can’t say enough about the team.*

Kevin S. – Phoenix, Arizona Visited September 2015

“VeraVia, the life altering vacation”

VeraVia is a most unusual destination. I had visited the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort as a guest a couple of years prior to my most recent stay. Because the setting of the resort is breath taking and the atmosphere friendly and un-intimidating, I vowed to come back as a VeraVia guest.
That time came this past July and it certainly delivers what it promises. It is truly a health and wellness vacation, with educational components that fulfill its mission.
Anyone will feel welcome, whether alone or with a friend/mate. The personal medical information alone can be life altering.
It truly delivers the mind/body/spirit combination all leading toward positive life long changes.*

Ruth C. – Chicago, Illinois Visited July 2015

“My first testimonial”

I have never written a testimonial in my life.

But here’s where I break the rule. Vera Via.

Aside from the fact that they met my expectations, even exceeded them. And beside the fact that I had a transformation that has changed my life, they also met my expectations in one of the most important things in my life; my list of things that I look for in friendships, family, partnerships, and love. I call it:

My C list.

3.Competitive (in a fun way)
4.Comedy (sense of humor)

The entire staff met all of those expectations.

I went for one week, held my expectations and daily grind at bay while thinking about staying a second week, stayed the second week, so glad I did, and wish I had stayed a third and fourth. When they talk about all the components they deliver… it really is a complete package. And something I can take with me in my daily life. I can honestly say I think about them in my daily life like I think of my family and friends. And for that they will always have a place in my mind, heart, body, and soul, because I know they want the best for me and there’s nothing better than that.*

Dean N. – Connecticut Visited December 2014

“There’s no catch I promise!”

When I was a child I was active and adventurous, constantly moving, and almost always bouncing off the walls…but as I got older I began struggling with health issues. I was diagnosed with Chronic Migraines roughly ten years ago now; I’m 19 years old and as you can imagine the illness has had it’s fair share of negative physical, psychological and emotional effects on my mind, body and spirit. I had to withdrawal from college in the middle of this fall semester and am also currently taking my spring semester off so I can continue to focus on putting myself and my health at the top of my list of priorities. However, leaving behind (even just temporarily) so many people and things that I love, absolutely increased my negative mindset that had seemed to take over every aspect of my adolescence. The migraines were as frequent as five days a week and none of the medications that I was prescribed were ever reliable. Throughout the entire fall I had been spending most of my time either sleeping, watching television, or self medicating: I was at the point where I would have done anything and everything to distract myself from the constant pain. I had lost my identity and let my illness define me… That is, up until I found myself traveling all alone across the United States to seek help from my lovely and unique VeraVia family.

During my experience, each member of the VeraVia staff had their own special skill set that they utilized in order to awaken the sense of self that I had forgotten even existed within me. I am now happy in ways that I didn’t even realize were possible. VeraVia is a luxurious wellness retreat, however it was not easy to get through. The staff is there for you, not to push you too hard, but to challenge you and help you prove to yourself that it’s healthy to feel pain and discomfort. They emphasize the importance of knowing your body, knowing your limits and learning how to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle ; the staff will help you reach this self awareness. The fitness portion of the program may seem intimidating, I know that I was hesitant towards all the activity at first. But my favorite part of everyday was getting up and out of bed at 6am to go hike in various breathtakingly gorgeous places. This is coming from a girl who used to refuse to get out of bed before 10am, if I even decided to get out of bed at all that day. But the day I climbed a volcano twice with my VeraVia family was the day I truly realized that I could be and do anything I put my mind to (as cliché as that may sound).

The food that they will feed you is all extremely healthy for you, which may sound unappealing, but the way they prepare these health foods will make you never want to eat processed food again. I had gone to VeraVia with terrible eating habits…my anxiety had been making it difficult for me to eat any food at all. Prior to my program at VeraVia I was going days without ingesting anything but water, and now, I sit down at the same time and I cherish my three meals a day. Ive learned to embrace life and positivity which has also indirectly strengthened the relationships between my loved ones and me. My optimistic mentality is now being projected onto the people I surround myself with and they are responding to me in a mutual manner. Everything in my life is coming together for the better as I continue to challenge and have faith in myself. I owe so much credit to VeraVia for giving me the tools to achieve things I could never have imagined myself accomplishing.

To say that I am grateful for my VeraVia family would be a gross understatement. To anyone considering joining the VeraVia program…this is an opportunity that no one should be deprived of. And there’s no catch, I promise.*

Lizzy E. – Connecticut Visited January 2015

“An amazing retreat for wellbeing and fitness!”

It was serendipity that brought me to VeraVia Fit in Carlsbad, San Diego. Having had a dreadful year, I was searching for some Wellbeing & health reparation. What I found, however, at VeraVia was an adventure that would positively change & shape my life forever!

The early morning Hikes along the San Diego beaches, while being serenaded by the stunning sight & sounds of whales swimming in the ocean, in total abandonment; as if to say to us, go on, leave your troubles behind & hike pleasurably! At all times, we were accompanied by our Exercise Physiologist or Trainer, who were always kind, caring & supportive. There were Tennis sessions. As a Tennis Passionette, these sessions were pleasurable beyond expression! There were Badminton sessions, Cardio, Yoga & an array of other fitness programmes. The experience for me was exhilarating! I healed, became fitter than I’d been in years, toned & lost weight. Permit me to share an anecdote! One day, during squats, my shorts fell from my waist to my ankles. I, naturally, assumed I’d neglected to fasten the zip & button. It was in amazement that my other retreat colleagues & I realized that, in fact, my shorts fell off me because I’d burnt inches off my waistline. How Fabulous!

I must just mention the Nutrition! Words fail me. The excellent nutrition at VeraVia was so fresh, wholesome & colourful; turned mealtimes into a fiesta! I was never hungry. In, fact, I don’t recall ever eating so much, but all of it healthy & scrumptious. The nutritionist on the program introduced me to a healthy nutrition lifestyle that has transformed my body & general health. I want to say a heartfelt “thank you” to the wonderful team at VeraVia Fit.

I strongly recommend VeraVia. With warm regards & deep gratitude. Aimee*

Aimee P. – London, UK Visited December 2015


“Amazing Experience!”

It is hard for me to find words that I feel are adequate enough to truly explain how wonderful my time at VeraVia was. I am a young woman in my mid 20s who had struggled with weight and body image most of my life. I had researched a number of different spas and retreats, but chose VeraVia after my initial phone call with the wonderful Melissa. She made me feel so comfortable, assured my concerns, and got me excited about getting to VeraVia. I was ready to go!

I stayed for 4 weeks, which flew by in the blink of the eye. Before I got there, I remember thinking how long 4 weeks was and how I didn’t think I’d make it. Now, I look back and can’t believe how fast the time went. My only regret is that I didn’t stay longer.

The staff is so incredible. Hands down some off the most dedicated, professional, caring, kind, and smart people I’ve ever met. They are true experts in their fields. They spent time with me making sure I was comfortable and understood the program each and every step of the way. They made me work hard, encouraged me, and celebrated me for my efforts. During my stay, I was with small groups of guests (1 or 2 other people) and larger groups of guests (4 or 5 other people) and no matter how many guests they had, the Veravia staff succeeded in making everyone feel like the priority. They taught me and inspired me every day to live a better, healthier (both body, mind, and spirit) lifestyle. I would have never been able to make the life changes I did without their guidance and support. They helped me transform my life and I will be forever grateful. I think of everyone at VeraVia often.

The location is unreal. Each and every morning I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be waking up in such a beautiful setting. The morning hikes were some of the most beautiful views that San Diego has to offer – what an amazing day to start the day!

I would highly recommend VeraVia to anyone who is looking to get some “me” time. It is the perfect opportunity for a refresh and for someone to take time to learn and get the tools necessary to make a big life change! I certainly needed it and am so glad that I went! I hope that I am able to go back again!

Thank you to everyone at VeraVia!!*

Mattie S. – Visited November 2014


“Life Changing!”

Where do I begin? VeraVia was incredible. The staff is truly amazing; they are funny, fun, caring, and REAL. I was only there a few short days but learned so much about myself, my body, and a new way of living. So fortunate for the people I met on my journey there and for the support I was given. Absolutely would recomend VeraVia to anyone who is looking to make a change. It’s hard work, but it’s totally worth it!!!!!*

Ally G. – California Visited September 2014


“Going to VeraVia was the most amazing, best, life-changing decision of my life!”

As a wife, mom and Grammy, making a decision to do something just for myself was difficult! I have spent my life enjoying doing for others. I hadn’t realized how much I had neglected my own health!

Arriving at Vera Via I was overweight, on 4 medications, unhealthy and unhappy! Amazingly, within moments after my introduction to Vera Via, I realized my life as I knew it was about to change. Of course I was excited, but had no idea just how much I would be loved, cared for or how much I would learn in 4 weeks!!

During my stay, the staff became dear to me! I came to feel better about myself and my future! I chose this program because of all my research to do something different than all the numerous things I had tried, that didn’t work. They TRULY did treat ALL of me…from the inside out…head to toe! From diet, to exercise and fitness training and so much great information, to unending support through counseling, emotions and medical, all I had to do was show up and try! I soon found out that the me I used to know was still in there! I got my spark and determination back! I began feeling better right away, and continued to look forward.

I waited to write this review because I have had small successes before. I didn’t want to get excited and recommend it to someone else until I knew it was more than the feline I had while I was there with so much love and support! Don’t get me wrong, I have family and friends who love me! However, I have come to realize that my health and my happiness lies within me and what I am willing to put into it!

Coming home had mixed feelings…excited and a bit fearful of how I would do when life got in the way. I was afraid of whether I could do this…fixing my own meals, eating out, finding time to exercise and remembering ME in my daily routine! Right away, seeming so natural, I began making choices that were not that difficult! Foods I had chosen to leave behind with old habits were no longer important to me. I loved myself and my new life!! It has been 6 months since I began my adventure in California. I won’t lie and say it has been easy, but with loved ones here and the staff/family at Vera Via, the continued support and encouragement has proven well worth it to me!! But…the knowledge and strength I gained from every aspect of my experience at Vera Via gave me everything I needed to succeed!!! This was not a diet or program to get healthy…MY LIFE IS FOREVER CHANGED!! I don’t look at things the same. I feel great! And, the best part for me is two-fold: 1- I will be around longer to enjoy my kids and grandkids in just about any way I want! and 2- By living my life in a better, happy manner, I have made a difference in others that I care about! It has always been important to me to make a difference in the lives of
others, in a positive way!!

I look forward to every day and each new adventure ahead! A bonus…I am my grandkids’ hero for being able to run two blocks and catch the ice cream truck!! If not for my choice to take that leap and go to Vera Via…I would not have been able to do that!!!

I would highly recommend this program for anyone seeking any level of change…whether a huge life-change like mine to a kick start to get on track or anywhere in between!! You will not regret your decision! My experience is priceless to me!!!♡ I am forever thankful for Wyatt and Melissa for creating such an amazing program…along with the whole VeraVia team and all other program and resort staff involved in any way in my time there! THANK YOU ALL! I truly hope I didn’t forget anyone 🙂 Hugs from “TURBO”♡*

Theresa L. – North Carolina Visited July 2014

“One of My Best Wellness Experiences Ever!”

I’ve had the good fortune to visit many spas, health resorts and wellness retreats and I can honestly say that VeraVia ranks among the top 1%. The staff is knowledgeable, accessible, kind and very caring. The program is well thought out, encompassing all aspects of well-being – fitness, nutrition, medical and wellness. The food is outstanding, the classes are terrific, the lectures are very informative. And the room accommodations are very luxurious. Everything about VeraVia is personal and customized. Whether you are looking to start on the path to a healthier life or you wish to optimize your wellness, this is definitely a place to check out.*

Sallie Fraenkel – New York, New York President of Mind Body Spirit Network, Past COO of SpaFinder, Inc., Past Executive VP of Global Spa & Wellness Summit. Visited July 2015

“Life Changing!

Where do I begin? VeraVia was incredible. The staff is truly amazing; they are funny, fun, caring, and REAL. I was only there a few short days but learned so much about myself, my body, and a new way of living. So fortunate for the people I met on my journey there and for the support I was given. Absolutely would recomend VeraVia to anyone who is looking to make a change. It’s hard work, but it’s totally worth it!”*

A.G. – California Visited September 2014


“Bravo to VeraVia!

As a global road warrior and avid spa goer– I was impressed with my recent stay at VeraVia for a health & fitness “reboot”. In spite of a lot of knowledge, I had “lost my way” in terms of healthy eating and lifestyle habits. VeraVia gave me the “boost” needed to get back on track. Their highly trained staff took great care to understand my needs and offer customized/holistic solutions. One of VeraVia’s shining star’s is Lisa Mittry, Director of Nutrition. Lisa’s expertise and keen intuition helped me reframe my thinking around healthy/mindful eating. She’s a pro with a big heart and a great sense of humor!

The VeraVia personalized programming, emphasizes education and addressing root causes. I had several ‘aha’ moments during my stay, that I believe will result in sustained improved health and fitness levels. Bravo to the VeraVia team for their expertise and exceptional care!”*
Kathleen S. – New York, New York Visited June 2014

“Can’t get enough of VeraVia! Visited 4 times now!

Hi there! It’s me again!
I’ve now visited VeraVia 4 times and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s such an amazing feeling knowing that I am at the age I am and yet I feel as though I am in my early 20’s! I have already lost 30 pounds and I feel like I am on top of the world!
I’ve said this before and I will say it again; this place is Heaven on Earth and the angels, of this team, have made such a difference in my life. I now live entirely and full, enjoying absolutely every moment of it!

I have two grandchildren (at the ages 2 and 4) that I absolutely adore and love desperately. Before ever coming to VeraVia, I wasn’t able to hold them or pick them up from the car seat. As I am writing this, it really is bringing me to tears knowing how far I have come and now such rewarding achievements that come along with this. Now, after VeraVia, I am able to hold them, carry them, give them piggy back rides, and even play tag with them! Just the joy of being able to play with them is such an amazing feeling. They used to look at me as though I was this hopeless old boring person, but now they NEVER leave me alone! They continuously want to wrestle me and hang on me. This to me is a great achievement and I have VeraVia to thank for this!

The fitness trainers are such wonderful people. They have really helped me along my journey. With their professionalism, discipline combined with kindness and love, they really push you and make you feel like you are one of them. They are absolutely handsome and strong individuals, but they never ever make you feel intimidated. They are extremely welcoming and make the workout sessions (group and individual sessions) extremely. Sometimes they will do the workouts right along with you and sometimes they tell you stories, but as they are keeping your mind occupied, you don’t even notice that you’re working out! You’re enjoying your time and having fun! So many times, they have taken me out of my comfort zone. I never was able to walk up a hill, even for just 3 steps. Now, I am actually running uphill! I couldn’t play tennis and now I am an avid tennis player. I never thought I could do many things, but now I do them ALL. So much so, I went to a hike called ‘Potato Chip’, which in San Diego is known as one of the hardest hikes! I have so many joyful memories and pictures of myself partaking in all these amazing activities!

I have felt good bodily, mentally/emotionally, financially, but now I feel extremely accomplished in all of these aspects, especially feeling young again. Younger than ever! Wow!!! Now I believe you can reverse age and are able to do anything!
I have the entire team of VeraVia to thank for this!”*

Tammy S. – London Visited June 2014

“VeraVia is extraordinary!”

This is not your ordinary SPA experience. This was a  true Mindy, Body, and Spirit, Reboot for me and my friend who accompanied me. For many of you looking for a way to fine tune your health and fitness, I would highly recommend this experience.*

Annette Ridenour: Aesthetics, Inc.– San Diego, California Visited June 2014

“Much better than other Spas!

The program at Vera Via has so much individual attention, it is not like other spas where you are “lost in the crowd”. The quality of the staff is exceptional — these folks get out of bed in the morning just to make someone’s life improve. They have both the individual expertise to inspire, educate and motivate you, AND a real collaboration across all aspects of health. The trainers are phenomenal, and combine challenge and play to get you moving and strengthening, with real results. The nutritionist is not only an expert, she is a dedicated fighter for optimal fuel leading to optimal health. The staff in yoga, tai chi and psychology reinforce the spiritual growth path, bringing mindfulness that takes this way beyond “boot camp”. You will love them all, and really feel supported! The Park Hyatt Aviara is a lovely environment to start a new chapter in life, and VeraVia makes this happen for every guest. I have been to most of the big-name spas in the U.S., and I can tell you that VeraVia is the best I have experienced!”*

Liz Titus Baskin: Aesthetics, Inc.– San Diego, California Visited June 2014

“I just returned home from two of the most amazing weeks of my life at VeraVia.

I can honestly say my life has changed forever in so many positive ways I am not sure where to begin.  From the moment I first met the staff, I knew I was in the right place. You could feel the passion and enthusiasm for their mission to bring health and wellness back into my life, a stress-filled existence where long working hours, eating on the run and unhealthy habits had left me feeling worn out and burnt out.  I was the poster child for “sick and tired of being sick and tired”.  The knowledge, compassion and dedication of this fabulous staff was so encouraging to someone like me who had long since given in to unhealthy eating habits and being a couch potato.  They worked with me before I even arrived to understand everything about me and my history so they could make sure to build a program specifically for me around what my goals were and what I wanted to accomplish.

They listened to me, and created exactly what I needed…beyond anything I thought possible.  The food we ate was awesome, I never felt hungry or deprived at all.  The places we hiked, the fun we had in the gym…yes, FUN..all contributed to my positive experience.  I wasn’t in a room with 50 other participants.  They purposely keep their groups very small to be able to focus individually, and I always felt that I had the attention I needed.  It was a very small group who became very close by the time I left.  We were all in it together, especially the staff.I went with a friend and both of us had searched for a long time for a program we felt would be what we needed:  personally focused, not “cookie cutter”, dedicated to all aspects of health and wellness- (not just a few exercise classes or healthy eating).  When we found VeraVia, we knew immediately this was what we had been looking for.  What we experienced exceeded our every expectation by a mile.  I learned more in those two weeks than I had in my whole life, and I’m the mother of two grown children with two grandchildren who thought I knew a lot about healthy eating and how to exercise.  Boy was I wrong!  You’re never too old to live the best years of your life feeling great and enjoying every day. I am well on my way after spending two weeks at VeraVia.  It is an investment that is SO worth it.  There is no price I could ever put on my health, or what I gained from working with the world-class staff at VeraVia.  I promised them I would send the “after” picture a few months down the road because I absolutely intend to keep up with this program on my own.  I never want to go back to feeling like I did before I walked in their door.  I intend to keep that promise.  Not just to them…but to myself.  Thank you again to the fabulous, amazing, awesome staff for treating me like I could do this and supporting me every step of the way before, during and after.  I would come back in a heartbeat.  Give yourself the gift of as much time as possible at VeraVia and I promise, the next testimonial you will be reading is your own!”*

Paula T. – Ohio Visited February 2014 (Goal: Weight Loss & Wellness – 2 week stay)

“Came back home feeling 10 years younger!

From beginning to end, my week at VeraVia was exceptional. The team’s dedication and expertise, combined with VeraVia’s five-star facility, enabled me to return home de-stressed, rejuvenated and energized. As a senior citizen and primary care giver to my husband, who has suffered increasingly from Parkinson’s, I went to VeraVia exhausted from years of neglecting my own health. The physical training, nutritional counseling, medical tests, great food, and incredible fun during my stay had me back to my old self in one just week!

Not just a weight-loss resort, VeraVia has the ability to cater to individual needs.”*

R.V. – Vancouver, Canada Visited January 2014 (Goal: Health Reboot – 1 week stay)

“Improved my strength and mobility”

Upon completing the program and my stay was short of the week, I was impressed that I had improved my strength and mobility, found that I could use weights with my limitations, ran on the treadmill for the first time in almost a year and had a wealth of information on nutrition (including great recipes), a work-out plan and even simple isometric exercises to easily incorporate into my daily routine. I learned that we all should be consuming 50% of our body weight with water each day plus I need to listen to my body for nourishment, not just a call for hunger that is answered with just “fillers”.

If you are truly ready to change your routine and focus on your health and fitness this destination addresses just what you are seeking for your body, mind and spirit!”*

Jill R. – New York Visited November 2013 (Goal: Wellness – 4 day stay)

“Lose weight and feel great all in the lap of luxury!!

Going to fitness camps and detox hike yoga retreats are not new to me so I was curious to see what this new VeraVia wellness retreat was all about. I have to say it is 5 star all the way!!! I recently came back from a 2 week stay this past September and lost 10 POUNDS and many inches. Their approach is not a quick fix but to equally work on the 3 pillars of health: mind body and soul. That way you can sustain and continue to build on your great results when you get back home.

The VeraVia team is 5 star just like the location. The Park Hyatt Avaria is beautiful and luxury at its best. This is the first program I have been to (and trust me I have been to many) that lets you eat dessert…that’s right you read right DESSERT. Decadent chocolate pudding or frozen chocolate bananas are just a few of the yummy treats I got to eat and still LOST WEIGHT and DROPPED BODY FAT %. The food is fantastic and the chef and nutritionist take great pride on keeping it all organic and as local as possible. The trainers are extremely patient and knowledgable but push you so you can breakthrough any limitations that might have been holding you back from achieving your fitness goals. And once you make it through to the other side it’s amazing how good you feel and look! The doctors and psychologists are wonderful at really guiding you to reconnect with your body and mind in a healthy manner to get rid of both any physical or mental toxins.If you are looking for a full body and mind vacation to refocus and recenter your life then look no further. The team at VeraVia really makes you feel like a star and ensure that you have the best stay possible to reach your goals whatever they maybe. You can’t help but leave feeling like a million bucks inside and out! Thanks VeraVia for literally putting me back on my path of health and happiness.”*

N.V. – Canada Visited September 2013 (Goal: Weight Loss – 2 week stay)

“Thank you for putting a smile back on my face and in my heart!”

I just would like to take a moment to really thank all of the VeraVia team  for such a wonderful week! I truly was in a desperate place of being overworked  and in just one day with their professionalism, their knowledge, their  smiles, and most importantly their hearts; turned me around. Wow! What a privilege it is to be on the receiving end of their amazing gifts! I thank you all for making my stay a terrific one and I look forward to seeing you all again. Thank you for putting a smile back on my face and in my heart!*

M.S.- Australia Visited November 2013  (Goal: Weight Loss- 1 week stay)

“…one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had at a health spa/retreat”

VeraVia offers so much more than just exercise and healthy eating!  I finished a one week stay at VeraVia the week before Thanksgiving and it was by far, one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had at a health spa/retreat. As I was leaving to return home I felt so satisfied with what I had accomplished in such a short period of time. I would love to return sometime in the future but as we all know, getting away can be tough for many of us. The staff at VeraVia is so incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, they made it possible for me to focus on my goals. I lost a few pounds, gained muscle and just felt accomplished and peaceful by the end of my stay. The program focuses not only on fitness but on the whole person. Their program isn’t for the weak, by any means but they are willing to customize the program to fit your needs while pushing you in a positive manner. I am still in contact with them as they offer continued support after being there which is truly a unique feature. Thank you to the entire staff who were there during my stay. I felt connected to each of you in a way that helped me more than I can tell you.*

D.H.- Palm Springs, CA Visited November 2013 (Goal: Weight Loss- 1 week stay)


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