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Most of us don’t get enough nutrients from our food—even when we do our best. With so much information regarding supplementation available to us, how can the average person sort through this kind of confusion to know what is best for their health?

VeraVia’s doctors and nutrition professionals conduct in-depth supplement consulting, as well as cutting edge, scientifically-vetted micronutrient testing to ensure that our clients are supplementing vitamins and nutrients their bodies are deficient in.

VeraVitality Professional Grade Supplements

Not all supplements are created equally. Many over-the-counter vitamins and supplements contain questionable fillers – including cork, dyes, corn starch, and sodium benzoate – with little or no quality control in the selection of their raw materials.

In contrast, VeraVitality pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements are guaranteed to be 99% pure and are produced under stringent manufacturing standards and procedures using only the highest quality ingredients. Pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements are only available through licensed healthcare practitioners.

Our VeraVitality formulas are exclusive and patented, and often first-to-market. Formulations are based on the most current scientific research and technology available. Our existing formulas are regularly reviewed and enhanced under the guidance of functional medicine experts including our esteemed medical board of advisors. Production standards are the highest in the industry. All formulas meet or exceed certified GMP quality standards and are subject to independent third-party analysis. 

Our partner and manufacturer of VeraVitality supplements has been in business for over 25 years and is a proven industry leader in functional medicine. These innovative formulas reflect the latest scientific findings in the field of nutritional science, as well as feedback from a medical board of advisors and practitioners worldwide. 

Whether you are looking to reduce the effects of stress on your body, support bone or joint health, or simply want to ensure optimal nutrition, the VeraVia staff can advise on the right combination for the best results.