The True Value of Your Health


Proactive, preventative investments in your health can make an immense financial impact on personal, corporate, and societal spending. As an all-inclusive health and fitness resort,  VeraVia has created “The True Value of Your Health,” a comprehensive breakdown of the numbers and dangers of not investing in health & wellness.

Ways “The True Value of Your Health” can help business executives…

  • Bring to your next corporate budget planning session
  • Share with fellow executives
  • Post copies in the break room for employees
  • Share data to support your next internal wellness program

Did you know…

It is believed that 80% of people who undergo weight loss surgery will experience some amount of relapse in weight gain (usually between 10-30 pounds), with 20% going back to their former weight.

Learn more by downloading “The True Value of Your Health” for free today.

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