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Medical Challenges

Diabetes Prevention, Chronic Pain, Fatigue & Other Health Challenges

Reversing Your Health Ailments & Challenges

Our health retreat guests often arrive at VeraVia with underlying health challenges such as heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and more. We place special emphasis on looking inside each guest to discover and address the root cause of any underlying health concerns.

Initial medical tests at our medical spa shape our entire recommended fitness and nutrition plan. We investigate your health concerns, make diagnoses, and recommend effective, holistic treatments to address your overall health needs and goals. Our doctors will even collaborate with your primary doctor back home.

The VeraVia team will teach you powerful daily health tools to support and optimize your body’s physiological function. VeraVia has helped our medical spa guests with anti-aging, hormone imbalances, post-menopause symptoms, eliminating insulin dependency, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, digestive / gut issues, depression, anxiety among others.

Our guests have seen remarkable health results, including reduced insulin dependency, decrease in high cholesterol, improved blood sugar, elimination of chronic pain, smoking cessation, and more! Many of our guests have eliminated their dependence on prescription medications!

Doctors Specializing In Natural Foot Health

Our doctors are experts in natural foot health and we have had great success helping guests to get back into a fitness routine after suffering from foot related pain issues. This natural approach helps our clients understand that their foot isn¹t the problem. We teach the clients about natural foot anatomy and how aspects of their footwear and gait may be contributing to dysfunctional biomechanics. This approach allows for a conservative, corrective and restorative approach to many conditions that are typically treated with surgery or steroid injections.

A natural foot health consultation typically will involve a history of the complaint, physical examination of the foot and limb and treatment often including soft tissue massage, manipulation, low level laser therapy, correction of dysfunctional foot anatomy and education on how to implement a more natural gait including shoe fitting, stretches and at-home exercises.

  • Many clients report a significant and long lasting reduction in foot and leg pain and improved balance and stability, all without surgery or drugs!

Common conditions treated include: plantar fasciitis, morton’s neuromas, bunions, legs cramps, hammer toes and others.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy is a research proven, FDA approved therapy for tissue repair and the reduction of pain and inflammation.

Our medical spa doctors are specially trained to use low level laser therapy to help speed the recovery of injuries (old and new) and reduce pain. This allows our clients to fully engage in the program and get the results they desire. Many people have chronic pain, arthritis or old injuries that never healed correctly and still linger when they enter the program. Our doctors utilize low level laser therapy as part of their treatment approach to facilitate healing of these injuries and reduce pain so our clients can participate fully and achieve their desired results.

Low level laser therapy is a non-invasive, painless therapy used by many people from professional athletes to the weekend warrior to victims of chronic pain and arthritis.

  • Many of our clients have opted for low level laser treatments throughout their stay and have had significant success in reducing their pain levels and regaining mobility in previously restricted joints!
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