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Corporate Retreats
Health & Wellness

Corporate Health and Relaxation Program

Invest in the Long Term Health of Your Team

The modern day job creates an abundance of health strains on an employee. Demanding schedules, sedentary office hours, and limited time or access available to proper exercise, nutrition, and mental health. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

At VeraVia, we provide our corporate wellness groups the opportunity to personalize your group retreat. Our all-inclusive program is geared toward rebooting your team and providing them with the skills to remain healthy while at the office. Sample courses include:

Balance This: Implementing a mixture of motor skills to create stability and mobility with a fun twist.

Yoga Sculpt: A combination of balance movements with dumbbells to improve coordination, strength, endurance both physically and mentally.

“Myths of Metabolism”: Better understand how quality of food impacts your metabolic rate.

“Just the Facts”: Nutrition workshop to sort fact from fiction when making healthy food choices.

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