The Most Comprehensive All-Inclusive Luxury Weight Loss Resorts in the US

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The Difference

Unlike Other Wellness Retreats

Our Approach Focuses on a Long Term Weight Loss Plan

Unlike other supposed “holistic retreats,” our wellness retreat is the most comprehensive all-inclusive program for individuals looking to create lifelong health.

Lasting Behavior Change
Designed for long-term results: This concept forms the foundation of our health and fitness program. Our focus is on long-term change, not quick fixes. Our extensive behavioral health team will help you create lasting behavior change and emotional wellness by helping you to gain an understanding of the behavioral patterns that contributed to your current state of health.

Fully Integrated Naturopathic Medical Component
Our in-house team of naturopathic doctors work individually with each guest to help address specific medical concerns. Our doctors prioritize addressing the root cause of your health concerns, while taking consideration of how your current state of physical, mental, and emotional “dis-ease” may be compromising your efforts to establish and maintain a healthier, happier existence.

Boutique, Personalized Program
We offer the highest level of individual attention, and more one-on-one consultations than any other program. We customize each guests program based on their specific health and wellness goals.  We limit the size of our groups to ensure each guest receives the specific attention they need to inspire lasting results.

Mind-Body-Spirit Approach
All of our guests receive specialized attention and guidance in our four pillars of health: fitness, medical, nutrition, and wellness. This concept is the heart of our retreat, as we believe the true path to lasting health treats the whole person.

Holistic Western + Eastern Methods
Our comprehensive approach integrates cutting-edge, scientific Western and ancient, time-tested Eastern methods for mindful living to provide the most effective evidence-based techniques.

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