What Wellness Looks Like

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While you can set wellness-related goals and make changes to your diet, exercise, and lifestyle, true wellness is a deeper and more personal accomplishment. Your doctor, nutritionist, trainer or any member of your personalized support team at a holistic spa can help you on your journey toward wellness, but ultimately you are in charge of the decisions you make and the actions you take. Many people ask us what they can expect when they achieve their wellness goals. Here are some of the sure-fire signs your sense of wellness is improving.

You feel good inside

Feeling good takes many forms, like not stressing about the unknown, not panicking when facing a challenge, having positive expectations instead of consistently bracing yourself for the worst. Other signs of improved wellness are things like being kind to yourself, going easy on yourself when you fall short of your goals, and not mentally attacking or criticizing yourself.

Though these are subtle internal changes, if you pay attention, you’ll definitely notice that how you react to life’s challenges will change. Keeping a journal or acknowledging your kneejerk reactions to stressful situations as part of your curriculum at a holistic spa will help you track your mental wellness improvements over time and can provide concrete proof of your progress.

You eat better–because you want to

Take a look at your cupboards, your lunch box, and your weekly menu plan. Notice anything different? Make a note of how your diet and cravings have changed. Your wellness is improving when you willingly forego your old go-to favorites that you knew weren’t providing quality fuel for your body. If you find yourself getting excited about meat-free meals and reaching for a bag of almonds rather than potato chips, you know you’re on the path to greater wellness.

You have more energy

Enhanced wellness will supply you with greater stores of energy for completing that hike, running an extra quarter mile or cranking out another set of reps. You’ll also find that you have more energy for dealing with life’s daily challenges. Look for increased patience at work, at home, with yourself and with others.

You take more time for yourself

When you’re feeling truly well inside, you’ll set clear boundaries and have no problem sticking to them. You’ll find yourself naturally creating the work-life balance that’s best for you. You will prioritize personal time for nature walks and meditation. You might find yourself registering for a stay at a weight loss retreat where you can simply focus on yourself. You know that you have elevated your wellness level when you take time for yourself and it never occurs to you to feel guilty.

You enthusiastically strive toward your goals

When excitement replaces worry, and when you want to get a head start rather than procrastinate, you’ll know that you’ve made major progress. We work on goal-setting during our weight loss retreats, so our guests can get into the habit of clearly articulating their goals and crafting a plan to achieve them. An unwavering drive to achieve your objectives is one clear indicator of your sense of wellness.

You’ll want to encourage others

The better you feel, the better you feel. In other words, wellness tends to build on itself. When you start to feel excited about new ways to improve your mental and physical health and are eager to share this with others, you know your wellness level has increased. You might choose to visit a weight loss retreat or host a group where friends share recipes, workout tips or conduct group meditation. You might find yourself identifying with others who aren’t yet as far along on their path to wellness, and you’ll want to share your experiences with them.

Wellness is a lifelong journey, not something you check off a list. It’s not about numbers on a scale or time spent on a treadmill. True wellness is about loving yourself. When you make the commitment to start loving yourself and you demonstrate it through your actions and expectations, you will start to see your own wellness reveal itself, inside and out.

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