Why San Diego Has the Healthiest Food

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ABC News recently rated San Diego as the #5 happiest, healthiest city in America. According to the report, this has a lot to do with the fact that San Diego has the highest percentage of residents who work out regularly. That should come as no surprise to you as you can easily see the throngs of joggers, bicyclists and surfers scattered across the beaches from Imperial Beach to Carlsbad.

But one lesser-known component to San Diegans’ overall healthy lifestyle is the food.

If you’re looking to eat healthy and don’t live in the area, San Diego might be the perfect choice for your healthy lifestyle relocation. Or if you’re looking for a great vacation idea, San Diego is the place with healthy eating options, which can promote weight loss during your vacation.

Farm-to-Table Focused
Because of the various farms, ranches, and greenhouses that dot the inland valleys of San Diego, getting farm-to-table food is not difficult. In fact, if you’re a San Diego native, you have probably seen citrus and avocado trees growing in your neighbors’ yards, since the soil type and weather here are perfect for those fruits. Unlike certain parts of the United States where farmland is distant, the dinner on your plate might have come from just a few miles east. Because of this, your local meat options need not necessarily be frozen for transport. Vegetables can be picked just as they are ripening, not harvested too early then prompted with chemicals to mature.

Plenty of Fish
As you’re probably well aware, substituting fish for red meat and chicken can support your weight loss and health goals in a tasty way. San Diego’s beachfront location means more than just pretty sunsets. Opportunities abound to catch your own fish or buy from fishermen who were on the water wrangling your dinner just this morning. The free range fish come directly from the ocean so there’s no need to rely on farmed fish when you literally have all the fish in the sea at your fork-tip.

Oh So Organic
Organic farming and ranching is ultra-important to many local farmers. Since there aren’t nearly as many big-budget commercial farms in San Diego as there are in California’s central valley, the local farmers aren’t as concerned with turning out huge quantities of product. Because of this, they can pay more attention to growing produce and raising livestock with care and concern for their animals–and their consumer.

Fun Farmers’ Markets
Getting in on all this organic and farm-to-table action isn’t difficult. There are over 40 farmers markets in San Diego County that take place in various cities every week. A quick Google search will help you find the one that is closest to your house.

San Diego’s climate, proximity to the ocean, and residents who value organic food means that San Diego has healthy food options for anyone looking to inject a little quality and care into their diet – especially just in need of a vacation or retreat that can actually encourage healthy eating and lifestyle changes.

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